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Training Club is an 4 week focus on your training and nutrition.We guide you through our approach of training that is developed by industry experts which consists of a dynamic blend of training styles offering you a more effective and diverse approach to your fitness.


Over the 4 weeks you will learn and establish positive habits to help you live a sustainable healthy lifestyle that keeps your fitness goals in place long term. 


  • Unlimited Classes

  • Progressing through specific metabolic training phases to gain progressional overload with your body.

  • 4 Weeks of nutrition plans & recipes 

  • Exercising for specific moods

  • Progress tracking & goal setting

  • Full access to our app THE HUB 

  • Trainer support & tracking

Your calories will be based on your personal metabolic rate and adjust to your goal of weight loss or weight gain. We have a focus of sustainable lifestyle so you keep the results rather than Yo-Yoing.

We guide you to what specific classes to do rather than “do as many as you can”. To make sure you are not over training but still finding the balance of consistency of training.​

We have a massive focus on the positive response you gain from exercise and healthy eating so this can become a lifestyle change for long lasting results.​

Spaces are limited! Secure your spot now so you don’t miss out & get our info pack !!

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