Playground is not like your normal group training experience. Its an experience that is designed to stimulate you both mentally and physically through a training method that is designed by our leading Personal Trainers who personalize your training by taking into account goals, injury prevention and fitness ability to ensure you become the fittest version of yourself. 

From when you walk in the door you will be welcomed with a high five, given your heart monitor in order to get you ready for YOUR workout. Once you have pushed, lifted, ran or walked, sweated, been motivated its your time to now refuel at our coffee and smoothie bar – welcome to the fresh, fancy way of fitness here in New Zealand. 



Coach Rhys (Rhys Jolly)



Founder of Playground and one of Under Armour's Master Trainers, Rhys is regarded as one of New Zealand’s Top Personal Trainers in the industry. Rhys has an extensive and vast experience in the Health and Fitness industry and finds nothing more rewarding than seeing personal growth and most importantly enjoyment with his clients. 

“I have a strong interest in functional exercises that brings the session to life with a major focus on the positive response you gain from working out that’s leaves you with a new level of confidence, insight into how you see exercise and a sweat on the brow”.  

Get ready to get sweaty with Coach Rhys in a fun energetic way!

Dani (Danielle Kennedy)



Dani has a vast experience in the health and fitness industry both here in NZ but also in the UK & AU where she has delivered and helped a wide range of weekend warrior, corporate, parent, community athlete, elite athlete achieve great results.

Dani comes from a dance and sporting background before moving into the health and fitness industry full both here in NZ but also in the UK & AU. 

Dani has continued her elite mentality applying the skills and education she learnt over the years, into her local communities driving change through her workouts. 

Whether you are a beginner or elite athletes, Dani’s main goal is supporting and challenging everyone to achieve their goals. 


Clarke (Clarke Foulds)



Sometimes hes your best friend giving him a high five, its your trainer pushing you harder to your fitness goals, its the trainer you are giving the evils to as he doesnt let you off your birthday burpees, its your trainer that gives you that cheeky comment as he’s walking past but whatever way he’s someone that is there to motivate, inspire you to being a fitter person both physically and mentally. 


Clarke comes from a high performance soccer background (rugby fans dont judge him) where he has bought that passion of conditioning and sports performance  to his Personal Training career. 


Next time you see Clarke give him a high five, low five and a backwards five.

Loz (Lauren Hughes)


Loz is Front of House here at Playground and one of her biggest jobs is explaining big words to the rest of the team as she is also studying Applied Behaviour Analysis Psychology here at Auckland Uni or reading your behaviour changes when you get told you have burpees in your workout.


Loz also comes from a background of dance and a love for fitness which is a perfect fit for making great coffee or post workout smoothies in a quick, choreographed, energic and entertaining way.